Indian Visa Application Form & Requirements (How To Apply for India visa)

Indian Visas are generally issued for 6 months, 1 year (12 months), 5 years (60 months) or 10 years (120 months) depending on the citizenship of the applicant, type of visa and the fee paid. The Indian Visa Application form asks for the Duration of Visa (in Months). In Indian Visa Application Form, the number of months on the application form must be equal to the number of months that is an option available for the type of visa. The Indian Consulate has discretion to adjust the time up or down to the nearest validity option and charge full fees or to require a new application if the incorrect number of months is requested.

it is to your concern that we bring you Indian Visa Application Form (How To Apply for India visa) as well as Indian Visa Requirements and List of India Visa Application

It is good you know that Applicant will be responsible to pay the fee for the visa validity determined by the Indian Consulate. We recommend completing the Global Reservation Form first, and making sure that the same number of months is selected on both forms.

Type of India Visa Application

  • Business Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Transfer of Business Visa
  • Transfer of Tourist Visa
  • Electronic Tourist Visa Visa
  • Electronic Business Visa Visa
  • Electronic Medical Visa Visa
  • Research Visa
  • Pilot or Crew Business Visa
  • Medical Visa
  • Medical Attendant Visa
  • Conference Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Entry Visa
  • Diplomat/Official Visa
  • Journalism Visa
  • Missionary Visa

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Indian Visa Requirements for USA, Canada, UK and others

If you are applying in the United States, Canada Nigeria, or in the United Kingdom and looking for Indian Visa Requirements. you should first know that It all depends on the type of India Visa you are applying for. However, below are the major requirement that you need to have to successfully apply for India Visa.

1. Passport Requirements:
Original passport and one photocopy of passport information and signature page.
The passport must be signed, valid for 6 months beyond stay in India, with at least two blank passport pages available for India visa stamps. Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for Indian visas.

2. India Visa Application Form:
One signed India visa application form plus one copy.

  • The traveler must sign their own visa application form, and signatures on the application must match the signature in the applicant’s passport.
  • The Indian visa application form must be printed on two pages, and signed on both pages. The applicant must sign under the photo on the first page, and at the bottom of the second page.
  • This is an online application form. On the Indian Government website, select the orange button on the left that says “Regular Visa Application” to start the visa application form.
  • Once you complete the visa application, please print the form. Do not make an appointment and payment at this timeIndia Visa Application Form

3. Photo Requirements:
One recent 2 x 2 passport type photograph, in color, front view and with a plain/white background. Glasses should not be worn in these photos; photos should not be stapled to the application.

OR – you can upload a photo when you place your order, instead of providing physical passport photos.

4. Other Forms:
Additional Particulars Form
This form must be printed out, completed and signed by all visa applicants.

5. Proof of State Residency:
A clear photocopy of the applicant’s driver’s license or state issued ID is the best proof of address. The address on the ID must match the present address on the visa application exactly. Alternatively, the most recent major utility bill (Water, Gas, Electric, Sewage), or a copy of a valid/current lease containing both the landlord and tenant signature, may also be accepted.

6. Applicants Under the Age of 18:

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7. Proof of Sufficient Funds:
Residents in San Francisco jurisdiction: Applicants with occupation of Student, Retired or Unemployed; three most recent bank statements are recommended.

8. Country of Origin:
For Applicants of Indian Origin: There are additional procedures and visa requirements for applicants of Indian origin, including applicants born in the US to parents of Indian origin. Please carefully review the requirements for applicants of Indian origin and include all necessary documents and fees with the visa application.

PLEASE NOTE: During your application! Base on the type of application you are applying for, you will see the full details you are to present along with your Application Form.

Step By Step Guide for Indian Visa Application Form – How To Apply for India visa

All Individual seeking for INDIA VISA are requested to apply for the Indian Visa through Online Application Link. Or can apply by typing the URL: in the address bar of web browser, in order to make an application for getting the Indian visa. In either case, no hand written application form will be accepted by any of the Indian Mission/ Post, where-ever online Visa facility has been implemented.

The Indian Visa Application Form completed in all respect and submitted successfully, is to be submitted at the concerned Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) or directly to Indian Mission/ Post in absence of IVAC, on the scheduled date of interview along with the requisite supporting documents.

Important technical information for filling online Indian visa application can be referred at Technical Instructions. If you have already applied online for Indian Visa online and want to know the status of your application, please follow the link for Visa Enquiry. For Further details / description please visit here India Visa Page.


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