New Whatsapp Video Call – Free Download Latest Version

I think you will agree with me when i say: With New Whatsapp Video Call and other features Whatsapp Fill Transfer, whatsapp Group Chat, Whatsapp voice Call, WhatsApp Chat (Send & Receive Message) and more makes life more enjoying with easy communication.

It have come to our notice that most people today do not still know where to get Download Latest Version and by so doing some New Whatsapp features have been missing in their whatsapp appNew Whatsapp Video Call - Free Download Latest Version

You Most have know by now that whatsApp App is a phone Application but that can also be use on Computer (PC) through the WHATSAPP WEB QR Code

In this article, we shall be showing you How To Download Latest version free for WhatsApp New Video call and Voice call.

Here’s the deal:

To Download New WhatsApp App (Lite or Messenger) New Version, you have to take note of this following below:

  • Good Quality Mobile Phone that can access Internet or have Internet connectivity
  • SIM Card

Now with just this two important requirement mention above, you are just a step closer to Make New Video Call On WhatsApp.

Free Download New Version

If really you have been following our daily Update, How to Download WhatsApp and Sign Up, or WhatsApp Registration With Mobile will not have been a problem to you, this is because we recently gave a brief tutorial on How To Create WhatsApp Account – Open Whatsapp Online

Now, to get Free Download Latest Version on you mobile Phone, then you just have to visit the link below:

Please note that this link above will help you Download and install whatsApp on your Mobile

Supported versions for whatsapp video call

whatsapp video call Android
whatsapp video call iPhone,
whatsapp video call for Windows Phone,
whatsapp video call Nokia Sybian
whatsapp video call for Nokia S40
whatsapp video call for BlackBerry
whatsapp video call for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher

Easy Guide to Make New Whatsapp Video Call

When you have successfully Download and Install WhatsApp to your Mobile, the following steps below will help you make WhatsApp Video Call Free.

YES FREE!!! It is free to use but you most have Internet connection (Data) before you can use whatsApp App. So to make Free Video Call on WhatsApp do this below:

Step 1. Open up you WhatsApp once you device is Connected to Internet
Step 2. Select the friend you want to Make New Whatsapp Video Call with whatsapp video call AndroidStep 3. At the Up bar of your screen you will see an Image of camera, call and settings.whatsapp video call

Now the first one is the Video call while the other is for the voice call, so you are to tap the camera to start up your Video Call.A whatsapp video call

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I think this is very easy for you. to start calling contact who have whatsApp, tap Call at the bottom of your screen and their you are with WhatsApp Video Call. Please use the comment box below to get to us if you still have any problem on or New WhatsApp Video Call. Thanks

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