How to Register New Business In Nigeria – Corporate Affairs Commission

Are you an Entrepreneur who wants to start a Business in Nigeria or take you Business to the Next step? Then you should Consider Registering your Business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Here is an article that will guide you on How to Register New Business In Nigeria with the basic Requirements and steps.


How to Register New Business In Nigeria - Corporate Affairs CommissionWhen you register a business name as it’s often called, That Business becomes your Sole property. And the good Part about do this New Business Registration is that it does not need you to start looking for a Lawyer that you will pay to come Stand for you.

It will make anybody doing business with you to have confidence in you. Without a registered business name, you will not be able to do business with government bodies and and some reputable companies.

Considering every thing that goes on in Nigerian in terms of Business, You Will see every reason to Register your Business with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and also for your own Benefits.


How to Register New Business In Nigeria

Below are the Necessary Steps to Register a new Business in Nigeria.

  1. Make up your Mind on the business name you want to register. Make it as clear and straight forward as possible to help your customers easily remember it and Make sure it is related to the nature of services you want to render.
  2. Next, Locate the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) office in your city and file the business name. Search form costs not more than N500. After filling and submitting the form you will have to wait for about 1 week to know if the name you filed is available. If the name you filled is unavailable you may have to fill another one. If the result shows that your business name is available you can proceed to the third step.
  3. After the time frame in step two, Visit the office again – This time, Ask for the Business name registration file. Pay the required charges at designated payment points (you can ask an official at the CAC office)
  4. Fill the forms and return. Make sure to collect receipt/proof of payment.
  5. Check back a week or two later and pick up your Business Name certification and you are done.

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Requirements to Register a new Business

  • The approved business name
  • The Business address
  • The Name of the Sole proprietor/partners
  • The address of the owner(s)
  • Two passport photographs of the owner(s)
  • General nature of the business

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