Requirements For Z Visa China 2018 – Chinese Visa 2018/2019 Guide

Before your Chinese Visa application, you need to prepare some related documents that are Requirements For Z Visa China 2018, like the passport, completed visa application form and other basic essentials. The supporting documents are needed to provide to apply your specific type of visa.

Requirements For Z Visa China 2018

The Chinese government deems that all applicants should meet the following requirements:

• Be at least 18 years of age

• Be in good health

• Have no criminal record

• Have a commitment from a legal employer

• Have the professional skills necessary to do the work, or a corresponding degree

Chinese Visa 2018/2019 Application Guide

The following steps outline the application process and the required documents for foreign workers and their employers under the new work permit.

Step 1: Apply online

The first step in the application process is completed by the employer in China. An employer looking to hire a non-Chinese employee can submit an application, along with the relevant documents online on the management system for foreign workers in China (only in Chinese).” The required documents for submission are as follows:

• Application form

• Business license and organization code certificate

• Social insurance registration or certificate of registration of the resident representative office of foreign enterprise

• Information such as the name, ID, and phone number of the foreign worker

• Power of Attorney

• Identity of the employer or manager

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Step 2: Online pre-qualification

Within five working days of the online submission, the receiving agency will make an examination of the materials submitted by the employer. If the foreign worker is coming from abroad, they should apply for the “Work Permit for Aliens of the People’s Republic of China” (Often referred to simply as the “Work Permit for Foreigners in China”) no later than 15 days after entry. If the materials submitted by the employer contain errors or are incomplete, the receiving agency will offer the employer one chance to correct the relevant materials.

Step 3: Verification of the employer’s application

If the employer’s application meets the requirements, a special seal will be issued by the administrative organ, including its signature and the date when the employer’s application was verified.

Step 4: Review

After the employer’s application has been verified, the decision-making body will review the materials and make a decision within 10 working days to accept or decline the employer’s request to hire a foreign worker. If the agency decides to accept the employer’s application, then the employee can formally apply for the “Work Permit for Aliens of the People’s Republic of China.” The following documentation is required for the application:

• “Work Permit for Aliens of the People’s Republic of China” application form

• Proof of previous work experience

• Certificates of highest level of education

• Official proof of no criminal record from country of permanent residence

• Medical certificate

• Employment contract or other proof of employment

• Passport or other travel documents

• A photo from the last six months in which the applicant is bareheaded

Step 5: Final decision

If the applicant meets the conditions for the work permit, the agency will grant the administrative license, create an electronic “Notice on Work Permit for Aliens,” and offer the applicant the Foreign Work Permit within 10 days of their final decision.

If an applicant is not accepted, they can apply for reconsideration, or bring an administrative lawsuit against the licensing authority. For more information, you can visit Chinese Visa Official

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